Why Vote?

*** Thanks to everyone for all their comments, suggestions & help spreading the word!  Calgary had a great improvement in their voter turnout, from around 33% in 07 to 53% in 2010.  Edmonton also increased from 27% to 34%.   I'm glad the numbers are trending upwards, but we still have a long way to go!  Stay tuned for provincial & federal websites in the future! ****
** OCT 10 - Thanks to Andrea Sands at the Edmonton Journal for her excellent article!
** Oct 11 - Updated St. Albert links
**Oct 17 - Updated Edmonton links, added Fort Saskatchewan page, and thanks to Todd Babiak at the Edmonton Journal for referencing the site in his column!

Are you ready to vote?

Let me clarify that I am not pushing a political agenda.  Or rather, I am, but its aim is simple:

I want YOU to vote!
I don't much care who you vote for; my interest is in helping you realise that you do want to vote, and guiding you on your journey to civic pride!

It doesn't have to be hard, and it's not going to hurt too much.  You might even lose weight, make money, and find the person of your dreams!  (I make no guarantees.)

If you:
  • Didn't vote in the last election
  • Aren't aware there is an election going on
  • Have zero interest in the election
  • Don't care about politics
  • Are almost losing interest in reading this....

Then this website is FOR YOU!

Seriously, I made it for you.  I have spent hours, so at least please give me some of your minutes.  I promise there will be a funny Youtube video in it for you.

Why am I doing this?
I have a lot of free time!    Actually, I don't, which is why I'm launching this much later than I would have liked to.  I also don't know much about making websites, but luckily Weebly is pretty idiot-proof. 

I have made this website because I feel strongly about voting, and I think a lot of people don't care about it at all, or have mild interest but don't really know what to do.  I believe that everyone has a say and should exercise it.  I am embarrassed with our voter turnout and I want to help at least my friends and acquaintances become active, engaged members of society.

I will, however, try not to rant and lecture you.  (I make no guarantees.)  I understand that there are a variety of reasons that people don't vote, and I am going to try to persuade some of those excuses out of you! 
There is a wealth of information out there about the election, and my goal is to guide you through some of the websites and answer some questions.

Alberta's civic election day is October 18, 2010.

Let's get started!

Please feel free to share my website!